Great Explanation of Benefits of a Music Major

Western Washington U put out a great white paper on the benefits for students of graduating with an undergraduate music major. Read it here: Why Major In Music.


AACU results of 2013 Employer Survey Supports Need for Liberal Arts Education for Success in the Working World

When presented with a description of liberal education … fully 94% of employers say it is important for today’s colleges to provide this type of education, including half (51%) who say it is very important to do so.

– from It Takes More than a Major:
Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success

It Takes More Than a Major – the 2013 employer survey conducted by Hart Research Associates for The Association Of American Colleges and Universities provides some interesting and useful data on the importance of a liberal arts education in the working world. For the full report, click here. For a summary of key findings, click here.